Lower costs. Protect your invesment. Print responsibly.

Lower costs.

With reliable performance, you can minimize waste and downtime. Choose from cartridges sizes tailored to fit your needs and budget – including high-capacity cartridges and multipacks designed for economical, high-volume printing.

Protect your investment.

Ink properties are critical to every part of the printing system. While non-HP inks may cost less per liter, they can cause frequent printhead replacement, unsellable prints – wasting valuable time and money – which increased printer downtime and maintenance.

Print responsible.

Original HP inks are designed with the environment in mind.

72 en 771 HP DesignJet supplies

De campagne heeft een focus op de volgende HP 72 en 771 supplies:
72: P2V33A (2-pack), C9403A (1-pack), C9374A (1-pack), C9373A (1-pack), C9370A (1-pack), C9372A (1-pack), C9371A (1-pack), C9400A (1-pack) , C9397A (1-pack), C9399A (1-pack), C9401A (1-pack), C9398A (1-pack), C9384A (1-pack), C9383A (1-pack), C9380A (1-pack).
771: B6Y07A (1-pack), B6Y08A (1-pack), B6Y09A (1-pack), B6Y10A (1-pack), B6Y11A (1-pack), B6Y12A (1-pack), B6Y13A (1-pack), B6Y14A (1-pack), B6Y31A (3-pack), B6Y32A (3-pack), B6Y33A (3-pack), B6Y34A (3-pack), B6Y35A (3-pack), B6Y36A (3-pack), B6Y37A (3-pack) B6Y38A (3-pack).


Maak kans op een portable wireless JBL speaker!

Als een ALSO International ' Alphinos-spaarder' maakt u kans op een portable wireless JBL speaker (door middel van een loting).