Your customers’ stories won’t fade with genuine Canon ink

Make sure your customers can create impressive prints of documents and photos with the genuine Canon inks! The genuine Canon ink formulas are fade-resistant, producing bright, vivid colors that ensure long lasting prints and your customers always get the best results on paper. Offer your customers stories that won’t fade and order the genuine Canon ink now at ALSO!

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Produces on average 35% more high quality prints than imitation cartridges

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100% reliable so you can print with less stress as they won't break, leak or fail

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Consistent quality prints 100% of the time, no strange lines or streaks on any print



Bring your customers’ ideas to life, look no further than Canon's range of Creative Print Paper and apps. Imagine what your customers could do with print: hang magnetic photo paper on their print with their favourite pictures and put together a collage of their friends on restickable photo paper.

Bring your customers' stories to life with Canon photo paper

Every picture tells a story and what better way for your customers to tell their stories than with Canon photo paper? Whether they want to print happy memories or professional-quality images, there's a Canon photo paper to suit their needs.

A printed photo is something special. By printing images, your customers can bring their stories to life in new and creative ways, and make treasured memories of family, friends and places tangible. And with Canon photo paper, these memories remain beautiful for years thanks to print quality that never fades.

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