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3-apr-2020 - Nijmegen

New ALSO as-a-service platform for healthcare service providers

ALSO has partnered with P.E.G. eG, a leading purchasing cooperative in the German healthcare market, to enable its co-owners to obtain services from the ALSO Cloud Marketplace as-a-service, from IT workplaces to ward trolleys, `being always state of the art when technology is concerned. Technology provider and distributor ALSO has set up a platform that is customized to meet the special requirements of over 600 co-owners representing 3,400 healthcare and welfare facilities.

“The healthcare sector is in the throes of radical digital change. Studies assume that by 2025 the market volume for digital products and services will be worth up to EUR 38 billion in Germany and around EUR 155 billion in the EU1,” says Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO of ALSO Holding AG (SIX: ALSN). “Jointly with P.E.G. we are now bundling our strengths and competences to ensure as a strong player that the market is supplied with the best and most innovative as-a-service products and solutions.”

The P.E.G. eG purchasing cooperative was founded nearly 50 years ago in order to be able to negotiate on an equal footing with large healthcare suppliers and industry partners. Its foremost objective was to provide professional procurement management as an optimal service for co-owners on attractive purchasing conditions. It succeeded in doing so. Today the cooperative is a market leader with a sales volume of around EUR 830 million. It assists its co-owners with the procurement of all products and services required to care for hospital and rehab patients and people in need of care.

“The P.E.G. has long ceased to be just a purchasing cooperative. The services we provide for our co-owners now extend way beyond procurement,” says Udo Sohn, Head of IT and Digitization. “We strive daily to provide our customers with vigorous support in digitizing their processes and also offer IT services of our own and a variety of IT systems such as shop solutions, product and master data management, scanning, EDI connections and a range of purchasing and consulting services. That is why collaboration with ALSO is for us the logical next step to further extend our portfolio of products and services.”

ALSO has hitherto provided platforms of its own for IoT, security, virtualization and 3D printing. In setting up the new service platform for the healthcare service provider the technology provider ALSO is at the same time further extending its industry-specific offerings.

1 Roland Berger Focus: Future of Health Eine Branche digitalisiert sich – radikaler als erwartet, October 2019


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