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Electronic order link and automatic toner replenishment simplify and boost your business

Electronic order link

Want to place your orders with ALSO International directly via our ERP system and access the most recent stock levels at ALSO International in your own ERP system on an hourly basis? Or would you like to have the orders received through your webshop forwarded directly to ALSO International? This can be arranged thanks to our electronic order link. A secure digital connection is established between your order system and our system, thereby fully automating and standardising the purchase process. After your e-order is received, you are sent a digital confirmation of receipt. You can then check the status of your order on our website during the entire process, from receipt to shipping. Once the shipment is sent, you will receive both a packing note with track & trace link and invoice in digital format for further processing within your company. Efficient and cost-effective!

Automatic toner replenishment

Starting in March 2016, ALSO International will also be meeting the need that has arisen as a result of Managed Print Services (MPS) and the related automatic toner replenishment service. We call this solution MPS Light. We take care of the logistics services for all resellers wanting to offer their customer a toner replenishment solution. Simple monitoring software that can easily be installed by the end customer continuously checks the level of printer supplies at the end customer and automatically sends an alert to the reseller when the supplies are almost ready for replacement. This alert is then converted automatically for the reseller into an order that is sent to ALSO International. We ship the order directly to the end customer, so that the toner can be replaced on time. Just-in-time delivery!

If you would like to take advantage of this service offered by ALSO International or would like further information regarding the various e-business options, contact your account manager.