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Content management, detailed product information and web catalogue

B2C webshop

Do you not yet have your own web shop or are interested in replacing your current web shop? We can offer you a ready-made web shop at a very affordable price. The web shop comes with our product feed integrated into it, so you do not have to spend time updating the items in your shop. In addition to access to ALSO International’s product content, the web shop also contains modules like customer relationship management, e-mailing, price management, order management, invoicing and even a free international payment module with such payment services as PayPal, iDEAL and Mister Cash. We can handle and deliver all orders placed through your web shop directly, thanks to the direct link between the web shop and ALSO International. We offer this solution in four languages (NL, DE, FR and UK) at a highly affordable rate consisting of a start-up fee of € 990 and a monthly fee of only €199.

Web catalogue

ALSO International can also provide you with personal price lists (in Excel, for example) via the website, containing all relevant information like stock amount, purchase price, item number and a brief description, which can be generated free of charge. You decide which information is included in your catalogue. Using the online menu, you can also choose how often you would like to receive the catalogue and in what format.