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RMA Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Applicability

1.1 Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, these RMA Terms and Conditions apply to all offers, contracts of purchase and sale, and deliveries of all goods and services, which are put on the market and/or provided by ALSO International B.V., hereinafter also referred to as ALSO International. The other party of ALSO International will be further referred to as “purchaser/client”.

1.2 The General Terms of Sale and Delivery of ALSO International, filed with the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland under no. 09085944, are also applicable. A copy of these conditions shall be forwarded at no cost to the purchaser on demand or may be obtained via http://www.also-international.eu. In the event of conflict between any provisions set out in these RMA Terms and Conditions and the general conditions of sale and delivery, the latter shall prevail. Such conflict shall not affect the validity of the other provisions set out in these RMA Terms and Conditions.

1.3 These RMA Terms and Conditions include an RMA procedure arrangement for defective products (Article 2), incorrect orders and wrong deliveries (Article 3).

Article 2. Defective Products


2.1 For some of the products of a number of manufacturers, the purchaser/client or end-user can directly turn to the manufacturer to settle a guarantee claim for a defective product. This is usually the easiest and quickest way to receive an exchange/compensation.

2.1.1 Defective products of Kyocera/Samsung must be directly reported to Kyocera/Samsung by the purchaser/client or end-user. ALSO International shall not take back any of these products. Click here for more information and the contact details of Kyocera.

2.2 ALSO International uses the warranty period applied by the manufacturer for the products delivered. ALSO International shall, on demand, make available the warranty terms applied by the manufacturer.

2.3 The purchaser cannot rely on the warranty provisions if:

a) the purchaser has neglected the products;

b) the purchaser has made changes to the products or has had those made, which includes repairs that have not been performed by or on behalf of ALSO International or the manufacturer;

c) purchaser has treated the products without due care and attention in any other way.


2.4 To return defective products you must first apply for an RMA number by means of the online RMA form or the collective form. Both can be found on the website of ALSO International.

2.5 Each RMA application should be a maximum of 30 lines. Applications containing more lines shall not be addressed unless ALSO International has given its explicit consent for this in writing beforehand.

2.6 An RMA application should at least contain the following details:

  • Product number
  • Invoice number/packing slip number
  • A clear description of the complaint (the indication “defective” or “out of order” is not enough and shall therefore not be dealt with).

2.7 Defective products can only be forwarded to the ALSO International ED in Bijsterhuizen, Wijchen after an RMA number has been allocated by ALSO International. This must take place within 5 working days. The RMA form must be attached in a clearly visible way to the outside of the transport packaging.

The return address is:

ALSO International B.V.
Bijsterhuizen 25-01
The Netherlands

2.8 The costs of dispatch to ALSO International shall be at the expense of the purchaser. Unstamped shipments, shipments with no clearly visible RMA form or C.O.D. shipments shall not be accepted. The purchaser is personally liable for any damage and/or loss during transport to ALSO International.

2.9 After receipt of the defective goods, ALSO International shall check them according to the standards of the concerned manufacturer. If on checking it appears that the products do not meet these standards, ALSO International shall reserve the right to destroy the products and no credit note shall be issued. The purchaser shall receive a written notice of this. Returns shall be refused in the following cases:

  • The returned product is completely used up;
  • The warranty date of the return product has expired;
  • The returned product has not been used;
  • The returned product is not an original product;
  • The returned product was delivered as set-up cartridge/toner with the purchased printer;
  • The returned product is not stated on the RMA form issued by ALSO International.

2.10 Defective products, accepted by ALSO International, shall be credited subject to testing by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer still refuses a product, ALSO International shall reserve the right to correct the credit note by issuing a debit note.

Article 3. Incorrect order and wrong delivery

The return of non-defective products by purchaser may only occur if the following conditions are met:

3.1 An RMA application must be submitted through the online service form within three working days after receipt of the products (in case of an incorrect order/delivery) or within three calendar months after the invoice date (in case of a stock rotation request).

3.2 The products to be returned must be readily marketable and saleable as new, in undamaged and original packaging, unopened and without broken seals. Ordered products, which are combined or adjusted at the request of purchaser can never be returned (with the exception of incorrect deliveries by ALSO International).

3.3 In the event of non-compliance with the conditions referred to under 3.2, ALSO International shall reserve the right to destroy the products and no credit note shall be issued. The purchaser shall receive a written notice of this.

3.4 The RMA form must be attached in a clearly visible way to the outside of the transport packaging.

3.5 After authorisation by ALSO International in accordance with the above provisions, the wrongly ordered products/stock rotations must be forwarded to the following address within five working days:

ALSO International B.V.
Bijsterhuizen 25-01
The Netherlands

3.6 Products for which an RMA number has been issued due to wrong delivery by ALSO International shall be collected by ALSO International’s carrier. Products that are returned to ALSO International without an RMA number, C.O.D. shipments as well as unstamped shipments shall be refused.

3.7 A credit note shall be issued within fourteen working days after the products have been received and checked.

3.8 At least 10% restock charges shall be charged in the event of incorrect orders/stock rotation requests. The percentage of restock charges shall be determined by ALSO International and may, based on the offered product, differ for each RMA request.

Article 4. Exchange

If your RMA application is granted, ALSO International shall at all times grant a sum of money for the accepted products. ALSO International shall never exchange the returned product; you will therefore not automatically receive a new product. If you wish to receive a new product, you may submit a new order yourself.