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Are you going for the Bronze, Silver or…Gold?

Alphinos Privilege Club: members only

About Alphinos

The Alphino is the official currency of the ALSO International loyalty program. It's fast, fun and very easy to save Alphinos to cash in for fantastic gifts. The rewards program is open to all customers of ALSO International. Whether you order regularly or occasionally, anyone can earn and cash in Alphinos for great gifts from our extensive catalogue.

You can register as an Alphinos earner in only a few easy steps. Once you have registered, you select which of the current promotions you want to participate in and which lets you earn Alphinos based on your personal sales target, place your order(s) at ALSO International and voila! Your Alphinos will be credited automatically to your personal account after the promotion period ends. It couldn’t be easier.

The website shows you how many Alphinos you have earned to date and lets you cash them in instantly for one or more products from the catalogue. Of course, you can always choose to continue saving for a more valuable gift. To make it even easier to save for a specific item, you can mark a gift in the catalogue as your ‘savings target’. The website shows you exactly how many Alphinos you still need before you can order the gift of your dreams.

Alphinos Privilege Club

ALSO International is proud to introduce the Alphinos Privilege Club! Now there are even more reasons to participate in the Alphinos rewards program. With the Alphinos Privilege Club, ALSO International is taking the Alphinos rewards program to a higher level, one with different levels and that offers even more advantages to participants.

Are you going for Bronze, Silver or…Gold?

The Alphinos Privilege Club comprises of three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. All participants in the rewards program start on the Bronze level. On this level you can participate in all Alphinos promotions, earn Alphinos and redeem them for great gifts.

By buying products from ALSO International and attaining targets during the promotion periods, thereby earning Alphinos, you can progress to the higher levels. The higher the level, the more advantages and privileges.

If you achieve the targets for a higher level, you profit directly from the extra advantages it offers. You can enjoy those advantages during both the current year and the following year. After that, the counter is set back to zero and you once again have a year to remain at the same level, attain a higher level or revert back to a lower level

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