Lower costs. Protect your invesment. Print responsibly.

Lower costs.

With reliable performance, you can minimize waste and downtime. Choose from cartridges sizes tailored to fit your needs and budget – including high-capacity cartridges and multipacks designed for economical, high-volume printing.

Protect your investment.

Ink properties are critical to every part of the printing system. While non-HP inks may cost less per liter, they can cause frequent printhead replacement, unsellable prints – wasting valuable time and money – which increased printer downtime and maintenance.

Print responsible.

Original HP inks are designed with the environment in mind.

72 en 771 HP DesignJet supplies

The campaign has a focus on the following HP 72 and 771 supplies: 72: P2V33A (2-pack), C9403A (1-pack), C9374A (1-pack), C9373A (1-pack), C9370A (1-pack), C9372A (1-pack), C9371A (1-pack), C9400A (1-pack) , C9397A (1-pack), C9399A (1-pack), C9401A (1-pack), C9398A (1-pack), C9384A (1-pack), C9383A (1-pack), C9380A (1-pack). 771: B6Y07A (1-pack), B6Y08A (1-pack), B6Y09A (1-pack), B6Y10A (1-pack), B6Y11A (1-pack), B6Y12A (1-pack), B6Y13A (1-pack), B6Y14A (1-pack), B6Y31A (3-pack), B6Y32A (3-pack), B6Y33A (3-pack), B6Y34A (3-pack), B6Y35A (3-pack), B6Y36A (3-pack), B6Y37A (3-pack) B6Y38A (3-pack).


Get the chance to win a portable wireless JBL speaker!

As an ALSO International ‘Alphinos’ member you will get the chance to win a portable wireless JBL speaker (by a raffle).