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ALSO International aims to become the absolute market leader in Europe in the distribution of ink and toner cartridges by further developing its competencies in coming years in order to not only maintain its lead over the competition but further expand it. To achieve this goal, we continuously strive to optimise and streamline processes by structuring them as efficiently as possible through standardisation and automation. Our pursuit of continuous growth and added value has resulted in economies of scales that enable us to offer our national and international customers a unique price to quality ratio in a distinctive manner. As part of the listed company ALSO Holding AG, ALSO International endorses the following collective group strategy.

Group strategy

We enable our customers to achieve their potential and put new ideas into practice. As a dedicated business partner, our primary objective is to create value for our customers and, as far as we are concerned, that goes hand in hand with competence, competitiveness and excellent personal service. We endeavour to forge long-term business partnerships based on mutual trust. Our approach is based on the following principles:

We offer our customers more than the competition

• We only promise what we can deliver

• We are committed to all of our customers

• We always pursue a long-term relationship with suppliers and buyers

• We endeavour to achieve a delivery reliability rate of 100%

We aim to maintain our cost leadership through continuous process optimisation and to enhance customer satisfaction by offering our business partners the advantages of even more distinctive and innovative services. We also strive to be an attractive employer since, after all, our employees are the key to our success. Above all, we want to engage in reliable, socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

We have formulated and prioritised four activities under the acronym of MORE:

M for MAINTAIN. This refers to protecting the transactional business model so that we can further expand our Services & Solutions activities and achieve our growth and income goals.

O for OPTIMISE. This refers to perfecting our processes in the regions. Important links in this are the Profit Improvement Programme (PIP) and the Process Optimisation Programme (POP).

R for REINVENT. ALSO International aims to continue growing with its transactional business model, while at the same time achieving additional growth through Solutions & Services business models.

E for ENHANCE. This refers to strengthening our market position through autonomous grown.