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Being active in the logistics chain, we know that every link is equally important. When customers are committed to ALSO International, we are unconditionally committed to these customers, including internal customers. Each and every one of our employees is a team player with a customer focus and together we work towards maximum customer satisfaction. A few of our colleagues talk about how they feel about working for ALSO International below .

Sebastiaan Smits

Business Analyst

“When I first began working here in 2012, I spent much time on customer relationships and focused primarily on e-commerce developments, EDI projects and web analytics. Nowadays, my focus is on commercial analyses within the business intelligence domain and I have more contact with internal customers and stakeholders. This is a perfect reflection of the dynamics of this company. You start in one position and depending on your interests and initiative, this can develop into a new and challenging position. This is a fantastic company to work for, especially since you’re given a great deal of freedom and opportunities within your area of expertise.”

Bob Schalk

Supply Chain Manager

“My task is to monitor all chain partners, which involves supply and demand. In other words, I play a central role in this. It’s like playing chess alone and turning the board around every time, making strategic decisions and making sure everything’s on the right track. I had already gained quite a bit of experience in comparable positions at other companies when I began working here in 2011. This is a truly fantastic organisation at the forefront of innovation in the supply chain, such as the use of cloud technology."

Judith Zomer

Back Office Manager

“The ALSO Centre of Competence Printing Supplies consists of Vendor Management, Supply Chain and Back Office. The Back Office provides administrative support for the other two divisions. The range of tasks with responsibilities is tremendous, from order confirmations and returns handling to the issuance of special bids. I began working here in 2015, so I’ve already celebrated one anniversary and, as far as I’m concerned, would love to celebrate others in the future. I’ve watched the company grow and what’s so great is that, as an individual, you are given the opportunity to grow along with it.”

Menno Esmeijer

Produkt Manager

„Es fällt auf, dass wir sehr kunden- und markentreu sind. Original-Produkte und nichts anderes - das ist jedem klar. Ich pflege die Kontakte mit Lieferanten, bin an der Preisgestaltung beteiligt, stelle sicher, dass die Produktinformationen immer aktuell sind. Davor hatte ich einen ähnlichen Job, aber in einem ganz anderen Umfeld und einer anderen Branche. ALSO International ist auch in Europa aktiv und das ist eine andere Dimension. Ich habe hier viele Kollegen, die Stimmung ist gut und jeder ist für den anderen da. Wer weiß, wie viele Jubiläen ich noch feiern werde. Am 1. Oktober 2025 arbeite ich genau 10 Jahre hier.“