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How to apply

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true for your application.

A few simple rules for a good application

  • A cover letter
  • A résumé
  • All related letters of reference and certificates

  • What job are you applying for?
  • Why does this particular job interest you?
  • What expectations do you have for the new job?
  • Why are you the right person for this position?

  • Your résumé should be in tabular form.
  • Start with your most recent position.

  • Check your application carefully for formatting and spelling mistakes.
  • Clearly structure your application and make sure it is easy to read.
  • Comply with the established rules of written correspondence (e.g. paragraphs, line spacing and font size).
  • Ideally, you should convert all Word documents into a single PDF file no larger than 5 MB before sending us your application.

  • Mention in your résumé relevant hobbies and personal interests.
  • Formulate your cover letter in a way that will make us want to learn more about you.
  • Tell us why your expertise is particularly valuable for us.
  • Offer us starting points for a job interview.

How to apply

In this digital age, we look forward to applications by e-mail. The same rules apply as for postal applications. Please remember to attach all relevant files.

The easiest thing to do is to include everything in a single PDF document (maximum 5 MB). This way, nothing will get lost and the human resources manager has all of your data at a glance.

You can find the appropriate e-mail address in the relevant job advertisement or on the job board.

The classic application via post is still very welcome. We need a cover letter, your résumé and copies of any letters of reference/qualification certificates that may be relevant to the position for which you are applying; these are also required when you send us an unsolicited application.

In addition, you should also include information about the area in which you wish to work and your possible starting date.

You will find the name of the relevant recipient and the correct address in the advertisement of the job for which you are applying, or on the job board.

Questions & Answers

You can apply directly to the individual subsidiary. If there is more than one country or subsidiary which interests you, you can also apply through the ALSO Holding AG Central Application Service. They will carefully review your application and forward it to any subsidiaries/countries that have corresponding vacancies.

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on this, because the length of the application process is different for each position. We will do our best to respond to you as quickly as possible.

If you are applying for a specific opening, the description will almost always include information on whom to contact. Otherwise, send your application to the human resources department at the relevant subsidiary. When in doubt, give us a brief call and we will assist you.

You are more than welcome to send us a conventional application by post. However, the paperless application is simpler, faster and more manageable.

A good application consists of a cover letter, résumé, and current letters of reference/certificates. It should give us an initial impression of your professional and personal qualities. You will find further information about this topic under Tips for applying.

We update our job offers daily. Once a position is filled, it no longer appears on our website. Therefore, you can assume that all vacancies are still vacant.

Of course, you can re-apply after a rejection for any open position at ALSO.

Our goal is to create working conditions that appeal to a wide range of talents and give them the framework to advance their professional careers and develop their potential. Thus, career changers are welcome, provided they have the appropriate qualifications for the desired position.

ALSO is always looking for talented people to support us in our work. Therefore, we are delighted to see individuals take the initiative when applying.