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Standard connection

Who can I contact for an XML connection?
Where can I find the latest documentation relating to the XML connection?
Can I test XML files after generating them?
Will my orders be processed correctly if I use an older version of the XML documentation?

Catalogue download / Product-feed

How does the catalogue download work?
What can I use the feed for?
What information can I select for my catalogue download?
The product feed contains the wrong images or incorrect content. Where can I report this?
How much does it cost to use the catalogue or the productfeed?


What is e-invoicing?
What are the advantages of e-invoicing?
How can I receive the digital invoice?
In which file format can I receive the digital invoice?

Ordering and delivering

What should I do if I have received the incorrect item?
What do I do if I have received an extra item?
What do I do if I have not received an item?
How do I conduct a search using the online search engine?
I can't find a product or the shop is not working properly. How do I report this?
Can I have my order delivered to another address?
Can I arrange for my order to be delivered on a specific date?
Can I see when my order will be delivered?
Can I still change the delivery date for the order I have placed?
I have just placed an order. Can I still add one or more items to the order?
What happens if I am not at home when my order is delivered?
My order was not delivered within 24-48 hours. What should I do now?
Do I have to pay shipping costs again if there is a second delivery?
The transport company has caused damage. What should I do?


My item is broken/defective. What should I do?
How long is my product under guarantee?
My product is faulty. What should I do?

Exchanges and returns

Can I cancel my order?
Can I return the product that I ordered?
Can I immediately exchange the products I have ordered?
How can I return my order?
I am returning a product. What address should I use for the return parcel?
How long does it take before I receive a credit note for the return shipment?


How can I pay?
I did not receive an invoice on delivery. What should I do?
Can I postpone payment until I have received all the products ordered?
I inadvertantly made an overpayment. How do I get back the overpaid amount?
How can I pass on a change in my bank details?

My account and privacy

I have forgotten my login details. How can I request to have my details resent?
There is some information I cannot find, or the website is not working properly. Where can I report
How can I subscribe to the newsletter?
How can I unsubscribe to the newsletter?
My name, address, e-mail address or telephone number is incorrect. How can I change this?
For what purposes will my details be used?
I do not want my details to be made available to third parties.